Cashmere Socks

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Cashmere Socks

Discover absolute comfort with our superior quality cashmere socks. Made from the sweet and fine fiber from cashmere, our socks offer you an unrivaled port experience. Whether for a professional or relaxed outfit, our cashmere socks will bring a touch of elegance to your look. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, this flagship accessory of FROM FUTURE adapts perfectly to your needs and preferences.

Knitted with a cashmere thread, these socks are simply the softest and comfortable in our collection. The sweetness and lightness of the cashmere ensure absolute comfort throughout the day.

Cashmere rich in detail

Due to its soft and light fiber, cashmere can provide a feeling of comfort and warmth to your feet. Our socks are very breathable and absorb humidity, which makes them ideal for hot or cold temperatures. The natural breathability of the fiber makes it possible to regulate the temperature of your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable in all circumstances. In addition to being the ideal choice for people with sensitive skin, our cashmere socks can help prevent bulbs and friction and are also useful for people with traffic or cold feet problems. 

Cashmere for all styles

Imagined in Paris then made in Mongolia-Interior in a 4 ply, our socks associate with all of your outfits, whether with a jean or by granting them with beanniesor a scarf . Offer you cashmere parts to the impeccable quality, responsible and durable, is a promise that is close to our hearts at FROM FUTURE. Do not wait any longer to discover the feeling of comfort of our accessories in cashmere. Give your feet an ultimate comfort while bringing a touch of elegance to your outfit.