E-Carte Gift

Introduce From Future to the people who matter to you! This card can be used exclusively on our website.

Amount :100€

How our gift card works

What is the gift from Fum Future?
The FROM FUTURE GIFT E-CARTE is a digital gift card, no physical gift card is shipped.
This e-card can be used exclusively on our website www.fromfuture.com

How to create my gift card?
Choose the amount to credit and add it to your basket.

How is the card sent?
The gift card is then sent by email to the buyer directly after purchase.

How to use the gift card?
Once the e-card has been received, the buyer can transfer it to the recipient or print it in paper format.
To order with your gift card, simply enter the code into the box provided for this purpose when paying.
The card has a validity date of 5 years.

Is it possible to use the card in several times?
It is possible to use the card in several times, and to complete with another means of payment if the amount of purchases exceeds the available balance.

Is this gift card refundable?
This card is non -refundable.

The advantages of our gift card


Usable in several times


Valid 5 years


Sent directly after purchase