Men's Cashmere V-neck Sweaters
Men's Cashmere V-neck Sweaters

Men's Cashmere V-neck Sweaters

Discover our men’s cashmere V-neck and polo neck sweaters: available in a variety of cuts, colors and designs.


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Men's Cashmere V-neck Sweaters

What is more essential than a V -neck sweater in cashmere? Soft and comfortable, it requires a real know-how to keep you warm without sacrificing your look while remaining elegant. This is the case of the men's cashmere sweaters, mixing respect for the planet and trendy look. Explore our collection to find your new favorite room.

Our V -neck sweaters for men

FROM FUTURE creates cashmere sweaters that respect the environment that meets demanding criteria. We supplied ourselves with breeding of Mongolia-interior to obtain noble and natural fibers. These are meticulously selected to keep only the best in cashmere.

You wonder what the number of ply mentioned in the files of our products correspond to? This is the type of weaving from cashmere. This figure makes it possible to define the thickness of the sweaters. Thus, a mention  "2 ply" corresponds to a sweater made using two knitted ply. Result: a fluid and air material. The higher the number of ply, the thicker the room. FROM FUTURE focusing on the quality of the starting fiber in order to guarantee a high -end sweater, whether woven with a 2 ply or 10 ply.

The V -neck silhouette is one of the essential silhouettes of the male wardrobe. Thanks to their Regular cut, our creations can be used gently on bare skin, with a shirt, or above a t-shirt. If you prefer the oversized style, do not hesitate to opt for the size above yours.

Our range of Men's Cashmere V -neck sweaters

FROM FUTURE offers a varied range of cashmere sweaters, in terms of colors, cuts, but also cashmere. The V -Light necks are made in our lightest and most elaborate cashmere cashmere. Indeed, the two wires that make it up are knitted in a tract to get an aerial and soft, comfortable mesh in any season. Our classic cashmere offers a flexible and light mesh ideal in mid-season.

If you want to enlarge your collection of FROM FUTURE sweaters, browse our other types of collar, such as our Truck neck sweaters or crewneck jumpers. Our collection of cashmere jumpers for man is huge.

Make the good V-neck cashmere choice

Regardless of the opportunity, the Men's cashmere V -neck sweater will find its place in your look. At work, wear it over a shirt with elegant chino pants and dressed shoes. For a relaxed look on a daily basis, accompany your sweater by one of our jean and your pair of favorite sneakers. Finally, for a romantic dinner, associate your V -neck in cashmere with well -cut suit pants and leather boots. Complete everything with a quality wool coat.

Also discover our Polos in cashmere for men

In addition to our V -neck jumpers 100% cashmere for men, we also offer cashmere polo shirts. Perfect for spending the warm winter, they offer you a style that is both elegant and relaxed. They are aged and are available in a classic or light version. An impeccable cut to associate with your favorite jeans.

The V -neck sweater in cashmere for men remains a timeless piece, whether it plays the card of discretion or color. Resolutely soft and elegant, the FROM FUTURE sweaters will be perfect for completing your look in all circumstances.