Privacy Policy


From Future is responsible for processing your data. To ensure serene navigation, we explain how we collect and process your personal data. The final objective is to be able to improve your user experience while guaranteeing compliance with your rights.

On all the communication channels on which you entrust your personal data to us, we protect your privacy. For this, we ensure protection, confidentiality, non -alteration, availability and safety of the same said personal data.

General data protection regulations is a set of law implemented by the European Commission from May 25, 2018 for all companies that have an activity in Europe. From Future is therefore concerned by this regulation.

What is the concrete impact of the regulations?

To protect Internet users from data leaks or the abusive use of personal data, companies have the obligation to keep visitors informed of all IT processing which is carried out from the data collected.

We collect, like many e-merchants, data on our users. In addition, we collaborate with several third -party providers (email, SMS, notice collector, advertising, host, logistics ...), which have access to part of our data.

These data are necessary to manage to improve us day after day and therefore make you live the best possible experience on our website. These data also help us in our quest to offer you pretty products, which you always like more.

Resale of personal data

Our priority at From Future is that you lived the best possible experience. We will not sell Never your personal data.

Companys sometimes have the annoying habit of exchanging customer files in order to carry out commercial prospecting. This is not what we do at From Future.

All the personal data we collect is kept with us and will not be sold (or rented) to another company. Your data will only be used by us to contact you, thanks to the information we have collected. It is a commitment that will never change.

Password safety

All passwords are stored “encrypted” and it is impossible to decipher them. Your passwords are therefore safe.

The security of the bank card number

We work with one of the most famous banking providers on the market. These will be the security of the security of your data during your payment by bank card.

We do not have access to your bank card number. Indeed, it transits in an encrypted manner from our website to our payment provider.

Our bank payment provider has all French and European authorizations and approvals that justify the security of its computer system.

The nature of the data collected and their use

The orders

When creating a customer account on, we record in our system all the information we need to place an order: your first name and last name, our email, your postal address as well as your phone number for you inform the evolution of your order.

All this data is transmitted to our various providers who are doing the best so that your package arrives at home within the scheduled time. Our logistician needs this data to prepare the package and the carrier to deliver it to you.

The latter have a formal prohibition (nor the right) to use your data for another activity than the processing of your order. They must delete the data from their bases once processing of the package completed. These providers store data in datacenter in Europe.

In the event of a delivery outside Europe, your data and your address must be transmitted to the logistics services of the carrier which will make the delivery.

The newsletter

You can also give us your agreement to use your email to send you our charming newsletters. Their objective is to inform you of the news of FROM FUTURE, to invite you to events concocted with caring or to offer you product offers.

If you want to receive a newsletter, you can unsubscribe when you wish by clicking on the link located at the bottom of the newsletters provided for this purpose. Discomfort will be immediately will be done.

Our service provider for the creation of newsletters guarantees optimal security on data storage. In order to send you newsletters likely to interest you, we also communicate to this same provider the details of the products you have ordered.


You can give us your agreement so that we use your phone number to send you promotional SMS. Their objective is to inform you of the news of FROM FUTURE, to invite you to events concocted with caring or to offer you product offers.

If you wish to no longer receive SMS, you only have to follow the procedure provided for by our service provider, which is in the very body of SMS.


In the endless quest that we set for ourselves, we are constantly seeking to improve in order to offer quality experience to Internet users. We thus use software and services operated by third -party providers that allow us to understand our activity.

We provide these tools with customer bases, your navigation history on our site, as well as information on ordered products.

The advertisement

Many e-merchants carry out online advertising, this is also our case with From Future. We save visits and then display targeted advertising when you browse other websites.
This method does not handle any personal data. Advertising management and third -party sites do not have access to your personal data.

If you no longer want to see our personalized advertisements, you can also delete cookies.

Product reviews

Your email address, name, first name and order reference are transmitted to our partner Trustpilot who will send you a satisfaction survey. This data is only transmitted to any other company and this data is only used in order to assess your shopping experience at From Future.

What to do to modify or delete data?

Almost all of the data is adjustable by yourself from your customer area on our website.If you can't find what you are looking for, we invite you to write an email to By specifying your request.