High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style
High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

Our values

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Responsible supply

Our goal is to offer clothes both Accessible and eco-responsible. Like so many others today, we are aware of the challenges related to the impact of human activities on the environment. To achieve ecological balance is also to put people back at the heart of our exchanges. This is why the raw materials used during the manufacture of our clothes come from sustainable supply sources.

Our cashmeres come from the coat of High goats in Mongolia-interior. Fiber is collected by experienceds according to traditional methods respectful of the animal. Our range of cotton products comes from American cottons spinning whose quality of work is controlled by a non -profit organization (SUPIMA).

High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

Une production visant la qualité et la durabilité

Nous sélectionnons les meilleures fibres, nous avons par exemple du cachemire de grade A et de la soie de grade 5A qui sont parmi les meilleurs du marché, de la laine mérinos ou encore du coton supima qui par définition sont des matières qualitatives.

Nous avons aussi obtenu la certification RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) pour notre laine mérinos qui assure que la laine a été faite dans le respect du bien-être animal (absence de stress, malnutrition, douleur etc.), sans mulesing et dans la préservation de la santé des sols et de la biodiversité. Cette certification assure la traçabilité physique de la laine, et contrôle chaque étape de la fibre à la vente en passant par la transformation (certifié par ECOCERT 277257-EGL).

Nos choix d’usine sont aussi faits de manière consciencieuse avec des audits BSCI effectués pour s’assurer du respect des normes sociales & environnementales (protection, droits, santé, rémunération équitable, comportement éthique).

Nous versons également une éco-contribution à l'organisme Refashion pour une filière textile plus circulaire.


From harvest to store

We have established a relationship full of esteem, benevolence and confidence with all actors, in France and abroad, whose work makes possible the development of FROM FUTURE clothes, and without which we could not propose for sale of such quality products at such reduced prices.

Our logistics chain includes four stages: supply of raw materials, spinning and processing of fibers, fabric manufacturing, and making clothes. The first stages take place in the rural region in countries that have developed sustainable know-how around the work of textile materials-China and Mongolia-Interior for cashmere and silk, and the United States for cotton. The following steps are supported by our suppliers located in Portugal and China. Once the clothes are made in compliance with our quality standards, they are available to you in stores, or in delivery worldwide.

High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

Looking for the perfect sweater

At From Future, the quality of the product is essential, and our suppliers share this point of view. Our factories use cashmere threads composed of the longest, finest and white fibers from Mongolia-interior. Knitting is an essential step: if the mesh is not well adjusted, the sweater will be either too rigid or too rough. The garment is then made with great care from our drawings. The result ? A flexible, resistant sweater and an incomparable sweetness.

Your satisfaction is our first duty - we invite you to try one of our cashmere sweaters for a unique experience at an unbeatable price.

High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

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