High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style
High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

Our values

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Noble and natural materials

Our goal is to offer quality clothing, produced in a sustainable way while making it accessible. Like so many others today, we are aware of the issues linked to the impact of human activities on the environment.

This is why the large majority of our products are made up of 100% noble, natural materials which do not come from petrochemicals. For the rest of our collection, we mainly use recycled materials, this is the case for our jeans or our down jackets for example.

High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

Production aimed at quality and sustainability

We select the best fibers, for example we have grade A cashmere and grade 5A silk which are among the best on the market, merino wool or even supima cotton which by definition are qualitative materials.

We have also obtained RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certification for our merino wool, which ensures that the wool has been made with respect for animal welfare (absence of stress, malnutrition, pain etc.), without mulesing and in the preservation of a healthy soil and biodiversity. This certification ensures the physical traceability of the wool, and controls each stage from the fiber to sale through processing (certified by ECOCERT 277257-EGL).

Our choices factory inspections are also carried out conscientiously with BSCI audits carried out to ensure compliance with social & environmental standards (protection, rights, health, fair remuneration, ethical behavior).

We also pay an eco-contribution to the Refashion organization for a more circular textile industry.

High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

From harvest to store

We have established a relationship full of esteem, benevolence and confidence with all actors, in France and abroad, whose work makes possible the development of FROM FUTURE clothes, and without which we could not propose for sale of such quality products at such reduced prices.

Our logistics chain includes four stages: supply of raw materials, spinning and processing of fibers, fabric manufacturing, and making clothes. The first stages take place in the rural region in countries that have developed sustainable know-how around the work of textile materials-China and Mongolia-Interior for cashmere and silk, and the United States for cotton. The following steps are supported by our suppliers located in Portugal and China. Once the clothes are made in compliance with our quality standards, they are available to you in stores, or in delivery worldwide.

High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

Modernizing noble materials

We have a strong commitment to noble materials and wish to innovate on these materials in order to offer modern looks without compromising on quality and comfort.

We play with bright colors, knitting techniques, unique patterns, we like to twist the classics.

High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

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