High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style
High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

The concept

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Impossible challenges?

At the house of FROM FUTURE We like challenges. When we talked about selling cashmere at affordable prices, without neglecting the quality, everyone assured us that it was impossible. You guess the rest ... We decided to prove them the opposite.

To start, we buy exclusively the best quality raw material. But that is not enough to make the most beautiful Sweaters. THE Cashmere is an expensive material that is bought by weight, so many brands have invented tips to reduce their costs. They shorten their Sweaters or lighten them to save matter.

In our opinion, these sleight of hand are not necessary. Take the most easily comparable products: our Sweaters Basic (Crewneck, V-neck and turtleneck). They are knitted with a ply Thicker, therefore more expensive, than all brands at comparable prices. On arrival our Sweaters are 20% heavier, which means more beautiful, warmer, and which hold longer.

High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

An agile model, a reduced price

To reach really accessible prices, we decided to do the opposite of what others do: Instead of reducing the quality of the products, we reduce our margin. We can therefore offer both the best price, and the highest quality products. For comparison, products of the same quality are usually sold between 250 € and € 800 in store or on the internet.

To get there, we have built a more agile model: without intermediaries and based on digital. We do not need to make you pay for traditional communication and advertising expenses. We take so much care to our products that we think that they are talking about themselves, and that it is our customers who talk about it best. So we can focus on what we can do best, make beautiful sweaters!

A short cycle for a minimized sale price. After developing our models and colors, we buy the raw material, we dye the wire, and make our parts in our workshops. We then multiply the manufacturing cost by a maximum of 2 (against 3.5 to 12 for our competitors!), In order to cover our costs: transport, import and marketing. Nothing more, nothing less. The result: Quality cashmere sweaters that no one has ever been able to offer at this price.

Our price is so optimized that it is dependent on the fluctuating course in cashmere. Thus, if the course increases, our prices can also increase the following season slightly. Conversely if the price drops, we make you benefit from it. It's that simple.

High-end clothing in a retro and colorful style

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