An important message from our founders

Dear clients,

In these times of economic uncertainty and rising inflation, we would like to send you Pauline and myself an important message. At FROM FUTURE, we are deeply committed to our engagement to bring you fashion products of exceptional quality at affordable prices.
That's why we made a bold decision.

In order to meet your needs and support you in this economically difficult times, we have reduced prices by 14% on more than 60% of the items in our new collection. We would like to emphasize that this price drop does not compromise the quality and style that are at the heart of our brand.

Since our beginnings, our mission has always been to democratize access to unique and singular fashion products and to offer fair prices to our customers. We believe that fashion should not be reserved for an elite, but rather be accessible to all who wish to express themselves and feel good in their clothes.

We are proud to be able to continue to offer you top quality products, designed with care and passion, while remaining true to our commitment to maintaining fair prices. This commitment is fundamental and will remain at the heart of the brand. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will continue to work hard to create products that exceed your expectations.

After almost five years of existence, we would like to warmly thank the customers who trusted us from the start of this wonderful adventure as well as all the new customers who joined us over the seasons. We are proud to build with you a community where fashion is synonymous with accessibility and free expression.

Thomas de Hesdin and Pauline de Hesdin